Mike Wallace
was born in 1942 and attended schools in Seattle, Washington. After graduating from Mt Rainier High School in 1960 Mike joined the U.S. Air Force and was  radar/computer technician. While in the service Mike was stationed in Marin County CA and became acquainted with the wines of the Napa and Sonoma regions and was hooked . After being discharged from the service Mike went back to college and graduated from Western Washington State University with a B.A. in Biology and Chemistry in 1969. Mike worked for several years as a research technician in the Medical School of the University of Washington. He continued his interest in wines and amassed a fair sized cellar.

    One day, he read an article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer about research being done by Washington State University on wine and wine grapes. Mike visited famed researcher, Dr. Walter Clore, at the WSU Prosser experiment station and learned more about the possibilities for premium wine production in Washington.

    After researching the idea, Mike decided to start a small company with the idea of planting a vineyard and starting a small winery somewhere in Eastern Washington.  ........ to be continued.

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